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We are an independent provider of advice, ‘hands on’ assistance and representation in relation to Workers Compensation Premiums & Injury Management Issues.


Gary Jackson has over forty years’ experience in claims & vocational rehabilitation Management, primarily in Workers Compensation but also in Income Protection & other sickness & accident insurances. He has worked in the Insurance, Private Industry & Local Government sectors. Gary specializes in analysis, development & implementation of injury management strategies. These strategies target pre-determined objectives – objectives which are achievable & have been determined in consultation with the Client.


Injury Management Professionals (IMP) will assess the Workers Compensation Premiums any business has paid, & is currently paying, for accuracy & fairness.


We will identify potential opportunities for: Past Credits, Current Savings &/or, Future Reductions. Via a thorough analysis of your premiums history.


Any potential opportunities will be documented & explained, along with the process required to achieve desired objectives.


We can also assess any claims, whether past or current, for their impact on: Premiums &/or, Business Operations.

What our Clients Say

Injury Management Professionals have outstanding knowledge of South Australia’s workers compensation system, and desire to truly help clients.

They have helped us achieve substantial reductions in our premiums on numerous occasions, and for wide and varying issues such as:
• assistance with return to work plans (and enforcement of them) to ensure the least possible amount of time is spent with income support;
• requests for independent medical assessments, and the questions asked in those assessments allowing for the true nature of an injury to be discovered;
• reclassification of injury’s to be non-premium impacting; and,
• rejection of claims due to legislative and regulatory irregularities.

Working with their vast network of contacts from Claims Services Providers and RTWSA, they have been able to expedite issues, and get answers where we would have normally had little or no contact.

They are a great knowledge bank to draw on for all issues relating to workplace injury. They are always available for suggestions on how best to handle an individual situation, no matter how ‘routine’ they may appear.

Injury Management Professionals greatest asset is the personal approach adopted by Gary and Di. The care they take with each issue is what makes them our go-to for any assistance with workplace injury and workers compensation matters.


Nick Spencer
Business Operations Manager – Watson Fitzgerald & Associates

“Gary Jackson has a comprehensive understanding of the South Australian workers compensation premiums system, developed over a long period where that system has changed many times. He is able to use this detailed knowledge to ensure businesses operating in SA are charged a fair and reasonable premium.

Gary has worked with a number of our clients to assist them to obtain significant premium refunds and/or significant premium discounts. This has included:

1. Having the employer’s industry code reclassified so as to attract a lower premium rate;

2. Identifying claims which should not have been premium impacting leading to substantial refunds when the claims are removed;

3. Correcting the dates of injury so that claims which fall outside the premium window are properly excluded.

Gary’s knowledge of workers compensation is not limited to premium issues and he has also assisted a number of our clients in dealing with claims agents to ensure that claims are dealt with expeditiously and to ensure that employers’ costs are contained so that the impact of work injuries on South Australian businesses is minimised.”


Joe Parisi, Principal, Gilchrist Connell Legal

“Injury Management Professionals have a comprehensive understanding of the workers compensation legislation & premiums system.

In our situation we always had reservations as to whether our premium rate was based on an incorrect industry classification for our business operations. I had attempted to query this myself with the appropriate authorities but was unsuccessful. Gary Jackson was referred to me by a mutual connection – he assessed our issue & guided us through the process to a re-classification. As a result, our annual premiums have been significantly reduced & he also negotiated a substantial refund from past premiums paid.

We then experienced a compensation claim, a difficult one with which we had liability concerns. We were unsure how to respond, so engaged Gary as our adviser & advocate for communications with the Claims Agent – he proved to be an effective voice, given his knowledge of the injury management process. Ultimately the claim resolved with almost no effect on our premiums.

I would thoroughly recommend IMP for a working relationship which delivers support & assistance with all workers compensation matters.”

Kenneth Chong
Chief Financial Officer – Australian Independent Glass

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